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Ellie Pots Inc. – Crystalline Pottery
Handcrafted Crystalline Pottery
Creator of handmade Crystalline vases, bowls, plates and decorative tiles!

Providing High Quality Crystalline Pottery

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At Ellie Pots Inc, we carry decorative tiles, pottery bottles, handmade vases, pottery bowls, and pottery plates created from the delicate process of crystalline pottery making.

Crystalline pottery

is the fine art of ceramics, and a demanding process which requires dedication and perfection.

A piece of crystalline pottery begins with white porcelain clay, which makes a beautiful backdrop for mesmerizing crystals. The clay is spun and shaped on the pottery wheel until it’s leather hard, then trimmed to the ideal size and shape. A glaze catcher is then custom made for the piece to sit upon, with a 4-5’’ dish and a center pedestal measuring the exact size of the bottom of the crystalline vase, handmade bottle, or other piece.

High Quality Workmanship

Once the piece and catcher are dry, they are heated to a temperature of over 1000°C in a process called bisque firing. After they cool, the catcher is glued to the crystalline piece and left to sit overnight until they are ready for glazing.

The glazing process is an exact science – the slightest variation in any ingredient can make a huge difference in the end result. The zinc silicate macro crystals form while cooling after the second firing. These natural crystals form spontaneously on the surface of the pottery, but can be somewhat controlled through precise guided fluctuations of the kiln’s temperature. Once the cooling is complete, the bottom is ground to a smooth finish.

Because no piece of crystalline pottery can be completely controlled, each handmade tile and elegant horse hair raku vase is one-of-a-kind. Enjoy the spontaneous beauty of nature with your own piece of crystalline ceramic art.


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